5/23/17 School Board Recognition

The following students and staff members were recognized by the school board on Monday, May 23rd:

George Madison was recognized for 47 years of service to GCS, as he prepares for retirement. Dr. Woodworth acknowledged Mr. Madison’s dedicated service to the students and staff, and said “I can’t imagine Goshen schools without George!”

Dr. Woodworth introduced the Academic sub-committee members, who worked on the academic pathways for GCS students as part of the larger strategic planning process. She thanked them for their time and commitment to planning the educational pathways for students.

Committee members were: Adam Young, Alan Metcalfe, Alison Romero, Angela Piazza, Bill Born, Carl Weaver, Diane Woodworth, Jen Eberly, Jim Graves, Jim Kirkton, John Lichty, Joy St. Germain, Karen Blaha, Katrina Overton, Lori Line, Lori Shreiner, Marcia Yost, Megan Krug, Nina Keister, Robina Sommers, and Terry Hussey

Dr. Woodworth introduced band director Tom Cox, who shared about the state champion winter percussion group (the students were actually outside practicing for the Memorial Day parade in Indianapolis). There are two winter percussion groups, movement and concert. The concert group was undefeated in all competitions all year and won the state championship.

Winter percussion students include: Alex Garcia, Angel Bazia, Angy Cruz, Arely Garcia, Arthur Peterson-Veatch, Arturo Escobedo, Ashley Sanchez, Ben Taubert, Bryan Garcia, Bryan Moreno, Carson Adkins, Cruz Garcia, Daniel Bowser, Daniel Guipe, Dylan Steury, Emanuel Contreras, Eve Miller, Fabian Perez, Hank Miller, Isaiah Kaufman, Javier Castillo, Joana Regelado, Honathon Garcia, Jose Montanez, Kevin Sanchez, Maddy Martinez, Matthew Schrag, Melissa Daniels, Nathan Garratt, Noe Palacios, Octavio Blacut, Oscar Lopez, Oscar Peterson-Veatch, Pablo Palacios, Paul Drescher, Sam Peeler, Samantha Linares, Sasha Rivera, Yaira Roman, and Zach Buckmaster.

GMS students were named Rocket Science Winners after they created winning ice cream flavors in their New Tech classes.

Teachers Theresa Harley and Shannon Layne guided the students, as they experimented with flavors. Once they had their creations, they took the flavors to Rocket Science ice cream in Nappanee and had them frozen. If you go to the store this summer, you can try the GMS flavors!

Flavor: Boreo (oreo and banana)-Sonia Spencer, Briana Hererra, and Oliver Baxley

Flavor: Blue Lemon (blue raspberry and lemon)-Matt Cork, Josh Carpenter, Esdras Castro Valenzuela, and Andrea Diaz

Flavor: Cotton Candy-Alexis Herrera, Lauren Grant, and Brandon Diaz-Segovia

Flavor: Watermelon Explosion-Maurice Ochoa, Cristian Jimenez, and Jimena Lara

West Goshen Elementary was named a finalist for the NIET (National Institute for Excellence in Teaching) Founder’s Award. There are only 6 finalists from across the nation and WG was one of them!

Thank-a-Teacher Campaign (by GCS Foundation)

Lisa Hetler and Bill Rieth, GCS foundation board members, recognized teachers who were honored by the Thank A Teacher campaign which is sponsored by the foundation. They stated that the Thank A Teacher campaign began because they wanted to recognize and support teachers in Goshen. “We enjoy highlighting the excellent teaching staff in Goshen.”  They read some of the things that people had written about teachers when they made contributions in their names. This year the foundation received 26 letters and contributions in teachers’ names, earning $1,100 for the foundation. This money will be used to sponsor teacher grant requests in the future.

The teachers who were honored this year include: GHS – Carl Weaver, Michael Wohlford, Nancy Shipley, Jody Weldy GMS – Brenton Fish, Geoffrey Schultz Chamberlain – Janelle Maust, Joann Elder Chandler – Sarah Miller, Laura Stieglitz, Eliza Stoltzfus, Robina Sommers Model – Josh Snyder, Erik Wolfe, Lisa Younghans, Julie Kilmer, Mark Goertz, Sarah Russell, Londa Bontrager, Julie Kilmer, Katy Gaskell Parkside – Katherine Griggs, Mary Short Prairie View – Jennifer King, Luke Miller West Goshen – Kim Rock

Dr. Jose Ortiz was also recognized for his service and dedication to GCS students and staff as a member of the school board. Dr. Ortiz has resigned his position, effective after the GHS graduation.


GCS School Board Vacancy

Due to the resignation of board member Dr. José Ortiz, there is a vacancy on the Board of School Trustees of Goshen Community Schools

The open board seat is from District 1. If after reviewing the following information you would like to serve on the Board of School Trustees of Goshen Community Schools, please submit your letter of interest to:

Dr. Diane Woodworth at Goshen Community Schools, 613 E. Purl Street, Goshen, IN 46526. Or email your letter to dwoodworth@goshenschools.org

Letters of Interest should be received no later than May 19, 2017 and will then be reviewed by the Board, with interviews to follow. Appointment by the Board to fill this seat will be by majority vote of the full Board. The term for this 4-year appointment began on January 1, 2015. Applicants are encouraged to review policies 0140 and 0144.2 located on the GCS policy website at http://www.neola.com/goshen-IN prior to the interview.

A detailed map of District 1 is available online at http://www.goshenschools.org/about/board-of-education/ or may be picked up at the GCS Administration Center located at 613 E. Purl St. Goshen.

Thank you for your interest in the educational process of the children of the Goshen community.

2017 Turn Around Awards

At the board meeting on Monday, May 8th, the board recognized the students who were nominated for the 2017 Turn Around Awards. Every year, each school nominates one student who has shown the most growth or improvement in their school. Students may be recognized for attendance, academic growth, leadership or any number of attributes that their teachers, counselors, and principals notice through the year.

The recipients for 2017 are:

Chamberlain, Fatima Aguilar, 5th Grade

Chandler, Kimberly Morraz-Tapia, 5th Grade

Goshen High School, Jordan Charles, 12th Grade

Goshen Middle School, Keisha Adkins, 8th Grade

Merit Learning Center, Josh Clark, 12th Grade

Model, Kealea Winnett, 5th Grade

Parkside, Eryck Dionisio Hernandez, 5th Grade

Prairie View, Daniel Moyer, 3rd Grade

Waterford, Frida Luna-Gallegos, 5th Grade  (Unable to be at the school board meeting.)

West Goshen, Caleb Hepner, 5th Grade

Congratulations to our 2017 Turn Around Award winners, and thank you for all of your hard work!


Goshen Boys & Girls Club-Changes/Open House

The Goshen Unit of the Boys & Girls Club of Elkhart County has operated in four different sites this school year – Grace Community Church, First Baptist Church, Chamberlain Elementary School and North Goshen Mennonite Church.  We thank you all for your assistance and patience during this process!

We will begin our summer programs on June 12th in a beautiful, newly renovated, and much larger club!  To give our staff time to prepare the newly remodeled club for summer programs, we will end our school year programs on May 12th

You are all welcome to join us in celebrating our opening during our Community Open House on June 10th from 9:00-11:00 a.m. at 306 Crescent St. in Goshen. 

If you have any question feel free to call our office at 533-4793.  Thank you so much for your assistance and cooperation during the transitional period!

RedHawk Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition

Here are the results of the 1st Annual RedHawk Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition held on Foreman Field on Saturday April 29, 2017:

2nd Grade Division:

1st: Lucas Kroening

2nd: Spencer Elliott

3rd: Aveary Green


3rd Grade Division:

1st: Dominic Ortiz

2nd: Brady Park

3rd: Nathan Corbin


4th Grade Division

1st: Gabe Janisse

2nd:  Edwin Stephenson

3rd:  Quinn Rohn


5th Grade Division

1st: Ryan Eldridge

2nd: Drew Elliott

3rd: Jayden Schlabach


6th Grade Division

1st:  Jameson Rahn

2nd:  Blake Wyman


Congratulations to the winners of each division, and thank you to the GHS coaches and student athletes who helped with the competition!


Partners for Clean Air

Goshen Community Schools received a Partners for Clean Air Award on Thursday, April 25 at a luncheon hosted by Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG). GCS Energy Educator Judy Miller accepted the award on behalf of the school corporation.

Goshen Community Schools received recognition for the corporation-wide energy conservation program that was first implemented in 2009. Because of staff participation and cooperation with energy conservation measures, GCS has been able to decrease energy costs/consumption by 25.3%. That translates into $3,441,313.00 in cost avoidance for Goshen schools! Energy reduction is 142,921 MMBTUs, (equivalent to a reduction of 22,459 metric tons of CO2; which is the equivalent to 4,679 cars not being driven for one year and 575,878 tree seedlings being grown for 10 years!).

Part of Mrs. Miller’s job is to educate staff members and students on what each person can do to make a difference. Along with education, she monitors the corporation’s utility bills and, with the help of maintenance and custodial staff, also monitors the many corporation buildings  to ensure that everything is running as efficiently as possible.

GCS also received praise for implementing project-based learning in our elementary and middle schools, which allows students to enter into hands-on projects that study energy utilization and conservation. New Tech classes at both Model and GMS have worked with Mrs. Miller on energy-related projects this year.

Mrs. Miller’s personal statement reflects her commitment to the GCS energy conservation program, and to our students and staff:

Public schools must all make tough choices regarding where to direct their limited financial resources. I help free up budgets using  energy optimization solutions with verifiable results, allowing administrators to invest savings in students and their teachers so they can succeed.

Thank you to Mrs. Miller, and to everyone at GCS who helps ensure that we use our resources wisely and responsibly!

Kindergarten Blast Off

Blast Off (Kindergarten open houses at the individual schools.)

All students should be registered for kindergarten prior to Blast Off. If you still need to register a student, you may come to Central Registration at the GCS Administration Center located at 613 E. Purl St. Goshen. Central Registration can register students Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Blast Off dates:

Chamberlain, Chandler, and Parkside—Thursday, April 20, 2017, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

College Kindergarten—Thursday, April 20, 2017, 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Model, Prairie View, Waterford, and West Goshen—Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

If you have questions, you may call Central Registration at 971-4149.

State School Superintendent’s Visit to GCS

Dr. McCormick came to Goshen on Tuesday for a meeting at Goshen College for Elkhart County educators on the U.S. Department of Education’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Prior to the meeting, Dr. McCormick visited Goshen Schools to sit in on a TAP Leadership Team (TLT) meeting at Model Elementary and to visit with central office staff.

In the TLT meeting, Dr. McCormick observed the conversation between Model principal Lynne Peters and the Model master and mentor teachers. They were looking at data, and asking themselves how they could improve and move students forward. As they looked at percentages, they realized that in one area they were very close, but to them it still wasn’t enough. “We want everyone, we want that last 5% to succeed too.”

This is the first year that Model has implemented the New Tech curriculum in their school, for just three of the grades. Next year, there will be full implementation of the program, which uses project-based learning (PBL). They noted that New Tech is a great way to teach, but they were examining ways to combine it with the TAP “stuff” that they have learned over the last few years. “We don’t want to lose the TAP stuff we have learned because it has helped our students and has helped us to become much better teachers.” They discussed how the TAP and PBL languages could work together, and then laughed because they are starting to hear the New Tech language come back to them from students with phrases like “failing forward”.


In conversation with Dr. McCormick, the superintendents explained the TAP process, and how it has helped to improve the corporation from a state-appointed “D” score to a “C”, and now to a “B” score for the last two years. They shared that the principals lead the TLT meetings, giving them an opportunity to lead and teach their staff, and then the master teacher(s) in each building lead the weekly cluster (professional development) meetings with staff.

Dr. McCormick asked how new teachers get trained in the TAP system, and the superintendents said that all new teachers start the year with “new teacher days” at central office, but that the building master teachers typically meet with new teachers to give them extra training, to talk about questions they may have, and to offer support.

Dr. Woodworth stated that through TAP, teachers have more ownership of their professional development and increased opportunities for leadership in the corporation. They reportedly like working closely together and sharing ideas through professional development. Considering the increased observations and professional development that are inherent in TAP, Dr. McCormick asked how the superintendents get feedback from teachers about how they feel about TAP. The superintendents said that there are several surveys that the teachers take at the end of each year that provide data to gauge teachers’ feelings and attitudes toward several factors including the career pathways, professional development, and collegiality.

Dr. McCormick asked the superintendents about budgetary concerns for the school corporation, and because of the costs associated with TAP, how it might be sustained. Currently, there are some very real concerns for next year’s budget. However, Dr. Woodworth stated that it is not likely that GCS would give up TAP because of the effectiveness of the program and how it has contributed to student improvement and teacher effectiveness in the corporation. She added “We apply for any grants that we can, and we might just have to get creative.”

The conversation finished with some consideration of current bills being proposed by state legislators, and how Dr. McCormick is feeling about things after a few months in office. She stated that she is “very glad to have a good team of people” around her.

Dr. McCormick stated she was very impressed with Goshen schools, and the results being achieved by the students and staff. She said that the state is looking at how to develop leaders in education, but that it looks like Goshen already has some good ideas about school improvement and developing leadership in their professional staff.

It was Goshen’s honor to host Dr. McCormick for the afternoon, and we hope that it will not be long before she returns to visit our schools to see more of the wonderful things happening for our students and staff.

Good of Goshen Photo Challenge #RedHawkPride

Calling all supporters of Goshen Community Schools!! We invite you to participate in next week’s Good of Goshen Photo Challenge, during the week of April 17-21. Please see below for details. We can’t wait to see you chronicle your great RedHawk Pride!!

At the end of the week, the photos will be judged by the Good of Goshen team. The winner will get to see their winning photo as the Good of Goshen’s Facebook and Twitter cover photo for an entire month, and will receive a $25 gift card to a local business of their choice!

April: #RedHawkPride  Contest Dates: April 17 – 21  Let’s gooooo Hawks! Share your photos that relate to Goshen Community Schools. Whether it be at athletic events, school plays, concerts, field trips, or portraits of teachers or students, we invite you to show us your RedHawk pride.

Rules: To participate in the Good of Goshen Photo Challenge, post photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the following hashtags: #RedHawkPride + #GOGPhotoChallenge + #GoodOfGoshen

Photos must be posted within the contest date range in order to be judged. Participants can post no more than three entries.

The winner of each month’s contest will be announced on the Monday following the contest week. In order to claim their prize, winner must email goodofgoshen@eyedart.com with their choice of gift card. To pick up their prize, winner must come to the Launchpad (above the Goshen Chamber of Commerce) at 234 South Main Street between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Winner must present a valid ID for proof of identity.

All photos entered will be shared on the Good of Goshen Facebook page at the end of the contest week.

Branden Beachy is an amazing photographer (photo above), but don’t let him be the automatic winner, GCS. Participate!! Let’s see your RedHawk pride!

Thank A Teacher Campaign

2017 Goshen Community Schools Foundation

Thank A Teacher campaign

Flowers are beginning to bloom, spring break is over and the final countdown begins! As our thoughts turn to summer, let’s take a moment to reflect and celebrate the hard work and dedication of our Goshen teachers!

Ever wonder what to do to show your appreciation for a great teacher?

Here’s an easy win-win solution! Make a contribution to the foundation in honor of your favorite teacher(s). During Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-5, 2017) we will honor the staff member of your choice with a commemorative card highlighting your words of thanks. School principals will be notified of all staff who receive this special recognition. We will also recognize all honored staff at the Goshen Community School Board meeting on May 22, 2017 and through the local media.

Your donation funds future grants awarded throughout Goshen Community Schools to encourage and support creativity, innovation, and excellence that furthers opportunities for the educational community. Help us recognize the great teachers working throughout Goshen Community Schools!

Click on the link below, and follow the prompts for Thank A Teacher:


Forms may be submitted online, or printed from the website.

Thank you to all of the wonderful, dedicated teachers at Goshen Community Schools!