At Model Elementary School, our vision is to academically prepare every single child for the next step in their academic career. We want to ensure that all doors are open to Model students upon high school graduation and we know that we lay the groundwork for success. Model staff and students track their growth and progress toward their own individual goals. We also work to meet the individual needs of all of our Bulldogs. We work within an inquiry-based model with the goal of tapping into the curiosity of all of our children. Model provides students with many strategies to approach different skills so that students have options that work for them.

Goals for Model Educators

Teachers are:

  1. Creating a positive physical and emotional environment by using the Lifelong Guidelines and 55 Essential Skills.
  2. Recognizing the range of abilities and talents of their students while teaching the Learning Skills: Reading, Writing, Language, Social Science, Natural Science, and Computation.
  3. Developing a curriculum that addresses multiple levels of thinking.
  4. Increasing parent and community involvement with the school.
  5. Aware of current brain research, thereby constantly improving opportunities for all students.
  6. Integrating content areas into recognizable concepts that are meaningful, real-life, and age-appropriate. Information skills are taught through technology, research, presentations, and specialty folders.
  7. Sharing successful teaching strategies with other educators.

Model has adopted the Olweus’ School Bullying Program. The key principles of this program are:

  • Warmth, positive interest, and involvement on the part of adults
  • Firm limits for unacceptable behavior
  • Consistent use of non-physical, non-hostile negative consequences (sanctions) when rules are broken
  • Adults in the school (and home) who function as authorities.

At Model, we choose an Essential Skill to emphasize each month. These skills, called Lifelong Guidelines, we believe help create a friendlier school environment.

Lifelong Guidelines

  • Trust
  • Truth
  • Active Listening
  • No Putdowns
  • Personal Best