At Model, students learn and mature academically, socially, and internally. We instill our students with skills and values like respect, trust, integrity, tolerance and acceptance that they will need to be successful in the world. Our students know what we expect of them and what they should expect of themselves.

Students at Model learn in a nurturing and safe environment that is conducive to learning and taking risks. One example of safe, supportive environments is shown in our Bully Buster program.

PANTT, Model’s Bullybusting Bulldog, made an appearance at Model’s Meet & Greet Night and also at a student assembly near the beginning of school. The school assembly focused on Model’s theme of “We are Family” and reinforced the Bully Buster Program that Model has adopted.

Our School Rules Against Bullying

  1. We will not bully others.
  2. We will help others who are bullied.
  3. We will include others who are left out.
  4. When I feel bullied, I will tell an adult at school and at home.


PANTT was named for our lifeskills of Personal Best, Active Listening, No Put Downs, Truth, and Trust.


We were also treated to an assembly put on by Bridgework Theatre.The play, which was theatre in the round, was about bullying and included a question and answer session at the end. Some of our students were able to participate in the play, which made it even more meaningful for our school.