Welcome to Model Elementary

Model’s Vision

We embrace the philosophy that all students can learn, and given the proper environment and academic program, teachers and students can strive for academic excellence.  We hope that all students and educators will reach their full potential in becoming lifelong learners and productive citizens in society.

Model’s Bulldog Beliefs:





Learning at Model with the New Tech Network


Learning that is engaging – Students become problem – solvers when immersed in project-based learning.  Teachers design complex challenges that engage students, require them to demonstrate mastery, and foster written and oral communication skills.

Learning that empowers – Students at Model become connected to, engaged with, and challenged by their school, teachers and peers by making learning relevant and creating a collaborative culture.

Learning that matters  – Learning outcomes also measure collaboration, and students’ responsibility for their own learning. Performance assessments measure knowledge and thinking to help students become aware of how to produce quality work.

Learning that enables – Teachers and students create, communicate, access information, and experience self-directed learning through a technology-rich environment with the use of 1:1 iPads.

Our teachers at Model will facilitate learning to promote a culture of trust, respect, and responsibility.   The integration of technology will allow students to gain access to an unending wealth of information including social and cultural understanding beyond the classroom.